In 2014 during my beautiful honeymoon in South Africa me and my husband walked around Johannesburg we stopped in an art gallery that my husband found in a travel guide.

There we discovered an amazing artist called William Kentridge. He is one of South Africa’s pre-eminent artists and is internationally renowned for his animated films, drawing, and theater and opera productions. He is also an innovative and prolific print maker; in fact, printmaking is, and always has been fundamental to his practice as an artist. Kentridge began in the mid-1970s,making screen printed posters for trade unions, student protests;he studied and later taught etching at the Johannesburg Art Foundation; and he has since produced over 300 prints in drypoint,etching,engraving,silkscreen, litography and lino-cut at print workshops in South Africa and elsewhere.

We fall in love and bought one of beautiful paint of Kentridge belong to a Universal Collection of 2012 called Coffe pot. This coffee pot is realized on a lino cut on non archival page from Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

Kentridge wants to experiment using brushes of different sizes and age to create this work.This particular paper (the linocut) reluctance to absorb ink creates a glossy surface, making the artist’s broad brush-marks more prominent.

Coffee pot (Williamo Kentridge ,2012)