Today i will talk about an historic brand in UPHOLSTERY sector, its name is ARFLEX. ARFLEX is the most significative brand for innovation,tecnology and design.It is important to underline some history of the company, that takes part of the italian design history.

HISTORY-In  1947 Carlo Barassi, Pirelli ingeneer and  Renato Teani,at that time the CFO of Pirelli founded ARFLEX with the cooperation of the Architect Marco Zanuso, they started to speriment the use of foam and the elastic band for the upholstery.

SInce 1995 ARFLEX belong to the group Seven Salotti Spa.

An icon of Arflex is the MODEL STRIPS, created at the beginning of seventies by the Architect CINI BOERI, and it ‘s still be an “EVERGREEN”.

The product is caracterized by a fill fully removable lining available in bed and sofa-bed version.  This modulatity led to infinity combinations actual untill today.

The Architect CINI BOERI has always try to find innovative ideas that helps to improve people’s life. This idea is shown in STRIPS bed, where cover become the complete part of the bed and with a simple string bed is covered and done. 

Thanks to this simple concept STRIPS has been always considered an actual products.

The modular sofa STRIPS belongs to the nistory of ARFLEX and it is consedered one of the most famous products it is shown in different world famous museums like Triennale of Milan and New York Moma.

I think that STRIPS is an ideal solution to insert in every spaces, it is a typical example of functional and innovative design!